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How to Try PlayStation Vue Now, Even if You Don't Live in the Service Area

Sony's new TV service, PlayStation Vue launched this week in three markets, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. If you don’t live in one of those metropolitan areas you are out of luck for now...or are you? Here at The Gamers Lounge John has discovered that even though he lives 600 miles away from the closest city, he has been able to sign up for the service and use it. Want to know how? Read on to find out!

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Nintendo Has Become My Comfort Food of Video Games

Nintendo has never been number one on my must have gaming console list. I have been a SEGA man since the Master System days, then an Xbox guy after the Dreamcast faded away. But recently with all the bickering between XB1 and PS4 fanboys about resolution of games, graphics and game length, I have found myself playing less. Maybe I was just reading too much social media or maybe I hit the Destiny bottle too hard. But for whatever reason I wasn't having that much fun, I was just going through the motions. But that changed last month when I picked up the New 3DS XL.

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Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works - The Definitive History of Sega's 16 Bit Console

In November 2013, Darren Wall began a Kickstarter to fund the ultimate documentary art book to celebrate 25 years of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. In less than 48 hours, he had reached his goal of  £30,000 ($47,000). By the time the Kickstarter ended on December 9th, over 2,000 backers had pledged £98,000 ($154,000) to the project. Published by Read Only Memory, this collected works is not only the definitive history of the Mega Drive/Genesis, but the best book about video games I have ever seen.

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After 15 Years the Dreamcast is Still Alive and Well

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast in the US and EU. The Dreamcast scene over the past few years has seen a resurgence of sorts. With new independent games coming out and advancements in modes for the system it has helped make the Dreamcast a desirable system to have again. Who could have thought that a system that with such a short production life would still be around and kicking for so long. 

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Maingear to Offer Powerful New NVIDIA Maxwell Architecture Graphics on all New Desktops.

Starting today Maingear, award winning makers of high-performance custom PCs, is announcing that the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980 graphics cards, now available on all MAINGEAR desktops. The GTX 980 is the flagship for the GeForce 900 series and is the fastest Maxwell card to launch in the market.

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What Games We Are Looking Forward To This Fall

Fall has become the season for gamers. Publishers hold their big name titles until fall in preparation for the Christmas rush.  While 2014 has seen many AAA titles delayed until next year, there are still plenty of great games that will be out very soon. Here are some of the games The Gamers Lounge staff are looking forward to.

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Has EA Ruined Sports Video Games?

July is always a slow month for new releases in video games. In 2013 shortly after releasing NCAA 14 EA announced the NCAA had ended its deal with EA due to lawsuits with former players. Then in October EA and Tiger Woods part ways and rumors quickly spread that EA was losing exclusive rights to the NFL as well. EA Sports seems to have been kick around the past 12 months and with sales starting to drop. Is it time for leagues to stop exclusive rights and allow other publishers to start making sports titles again or has EA ruined it for everyone?

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Could Now Be The Time To Buy An Xbox One?

Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb announced early this morning that starting next week if you purchase an Xbox One at select retailers you get a copy of Forza 5 for free. With this news coming out just days before Titanfall’s release people on the internet have shown a range of emotion but the real question is does this make you want to grab an Xbox One?

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