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Is It Time For Games To Revisit WWII?

I have always had a spot in my heart for WWII. Most of my family fought in that war. My father, grandfather, uncles and cousins. So when Medal of Honor came out on PS1 I loved playing them. Great stories, good graphics (for the time) and music. Medal of Honor Frontline for the PS2 is still my favorite. I also like the Brothers in Arms series, which was more squad based. But with the power of this next gen and the ability to tell a great story I really feel there should be a new WWII game this year on XB1 and PS4.   

Now I know you are going to say, Sniper Elite 3 will be out this year along with Enemy Front. While those may be good why not have a more of a 3rd person action game or RPG or something totally different maybe a game in the play style of Mass Effect?  Games can take history and make it fun. Look at Assassin's Creed, I know it isn't historically accurate but it is surrounded by history and still tells a very good story. Why can't this be done with WWII? It seems that developers think that WWII games have to a FPS or strategy games. While those are fine Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and Company of Heroes has really ran WWII games in the ground. Is the damage done and there is no going back? 

I know the last few WWII games of the last gen were not great and there for a while it seemed every week there was a new WWII game coming out but this time maybe someone could do the the time period justice. There are gamers out there that really love and live for historic games that deal with WWII and don't just want COD set in WWII again. Or maybe it is too late for the WWII game series. Maybe it was over played last gen to the point of no return. Time will tell but I hope someone takes a chance and brings out a really great WWII game this year.

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