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Weekend Ramblings 3/16/14

Last week was Microsofts big Titanfall release. Seems to have sold and reviewed well. I really haven't heard about connection issues except that first day, and that was fixed with a patch. Good for Microsoft and the Xbox One, they have need good press as of late. Now lets see if Titanfall has the legs of a Battlefield, COD or Halo. To me time tells if it is a great game or not. If folks are still playing it 4 to 6 months from now that tells me if it is a great game.

This week is Sony's big release, inFamous: Second Son. I was on the fence about this being a day one purchase but after seeing some gameplay footage it looks really fun and the graphics look fantastic. I have yet to hear how long the main story is but I'm guessing a 10 hour playthrough. Thats fine, I have Theif to finish as well.


I'm also one of the ones who will be picking up Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero. The game isn't even out yet and I'm already tired of people fussing about it being just a "demo" and not worth $30. You know what, then don't buy it. Quit fussing, shut up and don't buy it. So help me I'm taking anyone gamercard away who has been fussing all this time and then they turn around and buy the game. Nothing grinds my gears more than people how fuss about a game until it comes out then go buy it and act like its the greatest game ever made. Please do us all a favor and just shut your mouth.  

GDC is also this week and rumors around the net are that Sony will be revealing a VR headset like the Oculus Rift. This seem like a waste of time and money to me. Your PS4 isnt even hardly out the door yet and you bring out something that will be expensive and something most devs probably wont support. Add Ons for consoles are a hard, hard sell. The connect has really be the only exception. The move for the PS3 was hardly used and looking back at the SEGA CD and 32X for the Genesis was a total waste that was blip on the gaming radar. I smell a fad like 3-D TV's but who knows, its all rumors at this point and Sony may show it but never release it. We will see.

Speaking of GDC Wednesday March 19th at 2pm (PST) will be the Classic Game Postmortem with Yu Suzuki revisiting Shenmue with Mark Cerny, lead system architect for PS4 translating. It should be an hour long and will be lived streamed on GameSpot. I'm really hoping to be home from work in time to catch this live and will at least watch a replay of it. A lot of us Shenmue fans are hoping they will announce Shenmue 3 or at least a HD release of 1 and 2. Im trying to not to get my hopes up but with all the buzz on social media the past few months its hard not to. At any rate it should be a great panel and everyone should try and catch it. 

Thats it for this weekend, I'm off to play some Lego Movie.........


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