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Weekend Ramblings 3/2/14

First off I want to give a big shout out to Nathanael and Erik. They did a great job this week doing the podcast without me. I thought the interview was great and everything seemed to go real smooth. Thanks guys.

Every 3rd of the month, be heard on Twitter about #SaveShenmue!

I missed last weekends rant because I was out of town and there was a few things that was reported on the Internet that caught my eye. The first was the fact the Sega didn't renew the Shenmue copyright. When this news broke people really went nuts with crazy rumors that Sony was going to pick up the rights and publish Shenmue 3 and things like that. I think people read way, way, way too deep into it. You know what it means? Nothing, not a thing. As of right now we are about as close to Shenmue 3 as we were a year ago. As much as I want to see a 3rd I would be happy if Sega would just release HD versions on 1 and 2. For the life of me I don't know why Sega sets on these and does nothing with it. Speaking of doing something don't forget to sign up for the March 3rd tweet-a-thon for Shenmue. Still doesn't hurt to let your voice be heard about this

Titanfall - Xbox One
Electronic Arts

 I played some of the Titanfall beta a few weekends ago. I did think it was fun but I have very little interest in the game at this point due to there being no single player. I think the $60 price tag is too much. If it was a lower $40 I would bite. Does it make me want to go out and buy a Xbox One? No, not yet. The trouble is $60 is too much for me personally to spend and lose interest in a month or less. At least with single player it might keep me interested a little longer. Even if that means the single player is 6 hours of play time. Plus you figure there will be DLC within the first month at what $10? I'm finding the older I get the less interested I am in games unless they have a good story to keep me in the game and FPS's are becoming not the game for me.

Speaking of FPS's I took a chance on a friend who was selling there PS3 version of COD Ghosts for $20. I figured for that price the single player was worth that and I did enjoy the Modern Warfare series. I must say the story is really good what I have played so far. I don't think I'll be touching the online but we will see.

Sony is killing me with these PSN sales. The past two weeks I picked up Flow, Flower, Red Dead Redemption Complete and LA Noir Complete. When am I going to play all these games? Really?

Thief came out this week and I picked it up. So far I think its a great game. I think some of the reviews have been way too harsh. I'm really enjoying it so far. It has a really good story and the game mechanics work well so far. The control layout takes some getting use to but not bad overall. I really need to do my best and finish it before infamous comes out this month.


Speaking of this month I read where Twitch is finally coming to Xbox One which is great. What I find strange is Twitch will allow video archiving of Xbox One gameplay but not PS4. What I took from the article was that Twitch could allow this because it was a app for the Xbox and not inter graded into the system like the PS4. What does that have to do with anything? You're telling me that because something is integrated into the system that you can't archive video? Twitch better correct this and quick or PS4 streamers will go to Ustream or YouTube could come in and add support that archives and take some thunder away from Twitch. We will see.

Speaking of streaming be sure to watch the twitter feed this weekend. I will be finishing up streaming my playthrough of Shenmue and will start Shenmue 2. Also look for Erik and I as we finally set down and play some Splinter Cell co-op and we have talked about doing some Resident Evil livestream co-op all coming soon. If there are games you would like to see us play drop us an email or submit a post and let us know.

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