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What Games We Are Looking Forward To This Fall

Fall has become the season for gamers. Publishers hold their big name titles until fall in preparation for the Christmas rush.  While 2014 has seen many AAA titles delayed until next year, there are still plenty of great games that will be out very soon. Here are some of the games The Gamers Lounge staff are looking forward to.



Everyone that knows me know I love the Assassin's Creed series, even Assassin's Creed III. This year I have two Assassin's Creed games to look forward to: Unity, on the PS4/XB1/PC and Rouge on the 360/PS3. Both games look great and as always, have a great story. 

As a Sci-Fi fan I loved games like Mass Effect and Halo, so when I heard about Bungie's game Destiny I had very high hopes. Even with my limited time with the beta this month, I can say I think it will live up to the hype. I'm not much of an FPS fan these days, but I found myself wanting to play more and more of this game. I have little doubt this will most likely be the best selling game of the year, with the Collectors Edition selling out in mere days. For those still interested, the digital Guardians Edition is still available and is a good value with the inclusion of the Season Pass, which saves $5 over buying the game and pass separately. 

Finally, my third pick is Disney Infinity 2.0. I know what you are thinking, I'm a little too old to play a kids game with toys. But it's Marvel! 16 characters will be available at launch with more to come. Two new playsets, Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy, along with power disk packs with boosts, vehicle and more. This year, they went as far as making a very nice collector edition that includes a light up stand.  I really like last year's game and with Marvel included in this one, it will be a blast to play. This game could be the surprise hit this Christmas taking the crown from Skylanders as the toy of the year or money sink of the year. 



I'm not going to have a lot of time this year to pour in to my gaming, but somehow I'm going to have to find time for Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. I played the PC trial version for maybe thirty minutes before writing it off for flashier games, but these days I'm all about playing games with my friends. The couch co-op mode of the console port has me more than intrigued and the inclusion of the first expansion pack and the promise of 1080p and 60 FPS has me excited to jump in.

I've always loved Bungie's Halo games so when Destiny was announced, I was more than "just a little interested", and after putting in a fair amount of time with both the Alpha test and the Beta, I know this game is going to be something special. While I don't think it is going to turn the genre on it's head, like some publications seem to be implying, it will most certainly be one the the strongest contenders for game of the year.

These days I seem to be always on the go. The perfect title to take with me is Super Smash Bros for the 3DS. Hopefully, once the holidays roll around I'll be able to port my data over to my Wii U to play some multiplayer on my big screen.

I've never been a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, but Advanced Warfare might change that. While I can't include it as one of the games I'm going to be getting this fall, I will include it as my honorable mention. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the one to get me on board.



Although the release list for this fall is smaller than past years, I am excited for a few things. The questions to answer are what do I need now and what can wait?

I have a free copy of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel coming thanks to PAX East. I really liked Borderlands 2 and it looks like several of my buddies are getting the game. This is the kind of game I can play by myself or with friends.

I'm pretty pumped about Destiny this September. I really enjoyed the Beta and like John, I think this may be one of the best selling games over the last two years. I am getting the standard edition on PS4, but I still need to pre-order. Amazon and Gamestop are still taking orders at this time.

I really enjoyed Far Cry 3 so Far Cry 4 is going to be the third game I pick up this fall. I like what I have seen so far and I am sure Ubisoft will show something at PAX Prime this year.  Now I have to decide if I want it on PC or on PS4.

Although I like the Assassin's Creed series, I will wait for the $30 price drop in a few months to purchase Rogue. I plan to do the same with Lego Batman 3.  When I do decide to pick this up, it will either be on PS3/PS4, as long as they fix the terrible flight controls from Lego Marvel. 



The game I am looking forward to most is Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. I bought a 3DS for this game. The idea of mixing two of my favorite game genres, even from different companies, is a thrilling thing I wish more companies would do. I was introduced to Phoenix Wright when it came out on WiiWare. It was a game I regretted getting for a portable system, because it just screams pick-up-and-play, even though I enjoy the satisfying "thunk" at the end of a play session when closing my 3DS like I'm closing a good book. Then, I was introduced to Layton when someone said "hey, you like Phoenix Wright, try this out." They are truly a beautiful mix of flavors, like peanut butter and chocolate. Never thought of mixing before they were invented, but now it just seems like common sense. WvL may be coming out in the next few days, and I'll be picking it up as soon as possible.

Second would be Hyrule Warriors. Again with the "two things I love" motif. I haven't kept up with Dynasty Warriors, so the repetitive sequels that everyone complains about are not as big a deal to me. I love the "kill everything that moves" idea DW2 had (the first game I ever put into my PS2). Adding Zelda is only going to make it better. I know the environment of the original Zelda doesn't seem to mesh with it, but imagine if the overworld was overrun by enemies, and this is basically what you'd get. Excited to see Link unleash soon.

Third, I'd say Smash Brothers for the Wii U. What's with me and crossovers this quarter? Who doesn't want to see this game? On top of that, I like Nintendo owning up and allowing Gamecube controller linking. It shows "give the player what they want", not "shove our corporate image down their throat."


Here you have The Gamers Lounge staff picks for Fall 2014. These represent just a small handful of the great games debuting between now and Christmas. With so many great games to come in early 2015, you can be sure that gamers will be using those holiday gift cards early in the year. 

Let us know what three games you are looking forward to this fall! Leave a comment below, tweet us @GL_Podcast or email us



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