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How to Try PlayStation Vue Now, Even if You Don't Live in the Service Area

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I have been a cable cutter for a while now. I've been getting my TV from Hulu, Netflix and over the air antenna. While it is has been ok, and we watch shows we like with little to no problems, there are those channels we miss. I like sports, so the lack of ESPN and Fox Sports has been hard and the wife is an HGTV fan,mso that has been out. So, when Sony announced PlayStation Vue, I was very interested. 50 channels, $50 a month, but there was one big problem: I don’t live in any of the areas where it has launched. Last night I downloaded the app on the PS4 and thought let’s just see how to set up the service.   

Right off the bat it asked me if I lived in one of the service areas. I just clicked yes. Next, it asked me for a zip code. It just so happened I was in chat with a buddy who lives in the New York area and I asked what his zip code was. I put it in and it asked me what plan I wanted, then said there was a 7 day free trial. After checking out, I was watching TV through my PS4 with no problems….in North Carolina. All I needed was a zip code from the service area which I could have easily Googled. I was in shock! I even get the local CBS and NBC out of New York. It was easy and I could also load it on my PS3 with no problem. I’m still sitting here thinking “Really? Is it that easy?” It would seem so.

As far as the service goes, it is super easy to use. Start brings up the guide, R1 sets shows you want to add to your favorites and you can rewind with the left stick. Picture quality is really good. It is crisp and clear with little buffing when wired. I tested the PS3 wireless and it still looks great and works well, but it does take a minute to buff which causes the picture to freeze, then catch up with itself, but that is just at the start. When wired, it has no problems whatsoever. Channel selection is good, but is lacking a little. With no ABC channels and lack of ESPN, it feels bare. Local CBS, NBC and Fox is really nice, especially if someone who is a cord cutter lives too far from a tower to pick up one of these channels. The DVR is nice and works great as well, but there is no fast forward so you have to watch the commercials, which can be annoying, but is not a huge negative.

Overall the service is good and a huge step in the right direction for cable cutters. If the price holds at $50, and they add more channels like ESPN, ABC and the CW, they could have a huge winner on their hands. With so many PS4/PS3’s out there they already have the install base for hardware, all they need is content. I will enjoy the 7 day trial and I recommend anyone who wants to try it to sign up for it now and see how it works. That way when it comes to your area you can already know if it’s a must have or not. 

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