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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 6: "Light Bars Suck"



What are you playing

John - Shenmue (Dreamcast), Thief (PS4), Strider (PS4), ESO Beta (PC)

Nathanael - Battlefield 4, Attack of the B-Team

Erik - Xcom, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, Strider demo, GTA  V multiplayer


Twitch Finally Comes To Xbox 1

Nintendo Ending Online for Wii and DS

Steam Family Sharing Available To All

Metal Gear Next-Gen Price Drop

Watch Dog Release Date Appears On PSN

Fez Coming For PS4/PS3/PS Vita

PS4 Dead Nation Free With PS+ This Month

4 New Persona Games Coming To NA

I saw that Dying Light was pushed back to the end of 2014

Anything Else?

Hive Jump Kickstarter Canceled (Relaunching April 21st!)

The Walking Dead S2 Ep2 Out Tomorrow

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered for Next-Gen May Be In The Works


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