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Weekend Ramblings: Week One of February 2014

Every Saturday Im going to try and post an article with my random video game thoughts and tangents about news and goings on. Views expressed here are my own and not of anyone else here at The Gamers Lounge. Ill try to keep it short but who knows.

Before I start rambling on I want to take this time to thank everyone who has stopped by the site and downloaded/listen to the podcast. The site has only been up 3 weeks and the traffic has been beyond anything I thought it would be so soon. Thousands and I mean thousands have stopped by to read what we all have been putting out and we all thank you and hope you stick around. I am hoping for big things this year with everyones help.

So this weekend was the big stress test for Elder Scrolls Online. I sat down Saturday morning and played through the opening tutorial....again. But when I got to the part where I go to the main game the thing would never load and I would get a "unknown error". Nice stress test.


A new Sonic game was announced this week exclusive to the WiiU/3DS called Sonic Boom. Just what we all needed, another Sonic game that most people won't play because it is on the WiiU that no one owns. I know, I know there is a 3DS version but is anyone expecting it to be that good on the system? Maybe its time for SEGA to stop pimping Sonic and bring out some original, new game or revive something from the past. Maybe a new Shinobi or Shenmue, SEGA has done very well with their Xbox Arcade/PSN titles why can't they do this good with full retail release?

Every 3rd of the month, be heard on Twitter about #SaveShenmue!

Speaking of Shenmue if your a fan (or even not) besure to sign up up for Tweetathon the 3rd of every month. In the in a 24 hours on the 3rd this month #SaveShenmue was tweeted almost 4 million times. Companies can't ignore that forever. Also I will be live streaming on Twitch TV my entire playthrough of Shenmue 1 and 2. Follow the site on twitter to catch the times.

A random thought about Nintendo and the WiiU. Maybe Nintendo needs to take a page from Sony and get with developers and gamers to see what they want in a new Nintendo console. Look at how Sony went to both before creating the PS4 and look at the praise and sales the system has received. I know Nintendo does business in the "old school" way, here is what we made now go buy it, but times have changed. Maybe a fresh approach will be a good thing for the company.


Everyone is up in arms this week with length of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero. Reports said you can finish the game in one setting, about 2 or 4 hours. Really people? We have to fuss about this? Its not like you are paying $60 for the game. The 360/PS3 version is $20/$30 (digital/physical) and the XB1/PS4 version is $30/$40. I could see people pitching a fit if they bought, lets say, a game for $60 that was 5 hours and that offered online multiplayer that was broken (I'm looking at you Battlefield/COD), but its not. Its nothing more than a glorified Xbox Arcade/PSN title. Sll it is for is to get fans excited about The Phantom Pain that should be out next year. People need to get off their high horse and stop crying. If you don't like the length of the game then don't buy it. People have said that this is a "demo" but if you remember in 2008 Sony came out with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue which was $40 and was pretty much a "demo" that was out a full 2 years before 5. Don't go crying on Twitter to Hideo Kojima about it, this is nothing new, let it go. I'll grab it digitally on PS4 and have a full review here.

New pics and videos were leaked this week of The Order: 1866. Man that game looks great. I cant wait to play it. Looking forward to Titanfall as well. I hope to get into the beta for PC. Really want to try it out. Thief comes out the end of this month, I think I'm still going to pick it up. Haven't fully decided yet. Final Fantasy XIV beta starts this month too on the PS4. Dont know when Im going to have time for all this with everything else going on.

Also this month PS4 launches in Japan on the 22nd and you know what that means. Another month of me crying that there is a new Yakuza game out that won't be coming to America. I hope there is at least a demo of it on the PS4 of PS3. I still haven't imported Yakuza 5 yet. I should, when I imported 4 less than a month later SEGA announced they would be releasing it in the west. Maybe I need to just go ahead and do it so we all can get 5 here.

Well thats enough random ranting for one week. If this is something you like please leave a comment below. If you want to hear more stuff like this check out The Gamers Lounge Podcast every Tuesday. Subscribe on iTunes or stream it right on the main page of the site. Thanks for stopping by and until next week!

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