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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 2: "Games Need More Piranha"



What are you playing

John - Shenmue (Dreamcast)

Nathanael - Minecraft (just hit 14 million sold on PC!), Battlefield 4 (free stuff!)

Erik -Fallout 2, GTA V Mplayer, Xcom Enemy Within,


Watchdog Trademark "Abandoned" Ubisoft Says Fraud

Marvel and Star Wars Versions of Disney Infinity Coming

Walking Dead S2 Ep2 Coming Very Soon, The Wolf Among Us Ep2 Tomorrow

Shadow of Mordor Single Player Only

PS4 1.60 Update Out Tonight, New Headset Announced

Nintendo to Consider Mergers

New Ouya Released

Xbox One Rumors

Rumor PS4 Getting PS1 and 2 Emulations

PS Vita Slim Announced for UK

Anything Else?

February PS+



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