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Weekend Ramblings: Week Two of February 2014

Week number two of February is in the books, nothing too big this week other than the Titainfall beta. I didn't get in but that doesn't mean I don't have some things to ramble on about.


Friday was my birthday (thats right Im a Valentine's baby. Want to fight about it?) and I creep ever closer to 40. I thought a lot about past birthdays and this year reminded me of birthdays when I was a kid. I remember almost every year being out of school for snow and this year we had the most snow I have seen since moving to the south. I thought back to my birthday in 1990 and I got a SEGA Genesis and all my buddies spent the night. We stayed up playing Altered Beast and Revenge of Shinobi all night thinking that video games would never get better than this. Boy were we wrong.

I have been streaming every weekend my playthrough of Shenmue on our Twitch TV page. I should wrap the game up tonight and start on Shenmue 2 next. Playing through this again reminded me how great this series is and how SEGA has really missed the boat in not doing a HD release of games.

Every 3rd of the month, be heard on Twitter about #SaveShenmue!

For my birthday this year I got a subscription to RETRO Magazine. Thats right a print magazine about old school gaming. The sub gets you a year of the print magazine and the digital copies as well. I'm reading through the first issue digitally and will have a full review on the site soon. Really enjoying it so far. Seems like a really good magazine.

I also picked up a mp3 copy of The String Arcade: Classic Gaming Scores that Ryan reviewed for the site this week. It is really great and I highly recommend it to any gamer and you help out a great cause at the same time. Be sure to check out this weeks podcast for an interview with the guys behind this great project.

Playstation 4 launches this week in Japan and there is another Yakuza game that will be released and not come to the West. The PS3 demo came up on the Japanese PSN store this past week and I lived stream some of the playthrough. It is really fun even though I dont read or speak Japanese. Wake up SEGA and bring this game and the fifth one to the west and make some money.

I don't know who started the rumor that Amazon is buying Xbox but that is the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time. Microsoft is about making money and the Xbox brand is making a ton of money. Why would they sell especially to Amazon and why would Amazon buy? There is no way this is going to happen.   

Well, thats enough fussing for now. Until next week!

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