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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 4: "Titanfall is OK But The String Arcade is Better"



What are you playing

John - Shenmue (Dreamcast), Titianfall Beta (PC)

Nathanael - Titanfall Beta (PC), Minecraft

Erik - Xcom EU, last of us dlc


Nintendo Direct Highlights

No Borderland 3 Anytime Soon

Xbox One Updated Up

PS4 Leads US Hardware Sales for January

Microsoft Experimenting With Cheaper Digital Prices

Interview with Dren McDonald composer and producer of The String Arcade and Jason Poss who did four of the arrangements on the album.

Anything Else?

John's rant about the selling of Titanfall Beta codes on ebay and CAG. 


Nathanael - I am looking forward to trying out Battlefield 4’s Second Assault DLC this week!


-N64/PS1/Saturn, which did you love then, and which one do you own or want to own today?

John - Then I wanted a Saturn but too expensive so I went with PS1. I liked some of the game N64 had and I bought the system then but always ended up trading it or selling it (bought it 3 different times that I remember) I own all 3 today.

Nathanael - I didn’t own any of these consoles. I played a few things on friends’ PS1s (like Metal Gear Solid & Resident Evil), but mostly I had exposure to the N64, also via friends and roommates.

Erik-PS1 back in the day, Saturn these days lots of good fighting games. N64 has a handful of games I like then and now but they have lots of crap......



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