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Shiftlings Review (PS4)

Shiftlings is a new digital game that places you in charge of a couple of aliens tasked with fixing things. Little do they know that they are the stars of a highly popular TV show, and a happy accident with a bottle of cola results in a strangely comedic play mechanic that has you (with a friend, if you desire) to think your way from Point A to Point B.

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Sneaky Sneaky Slips onto iOS Platforms

Sneaky Sneaky is currently available for $2.99 on the iOS App Store. A neat mix of Final Fantasy RPGness, Metal Gear Soliton Radar scoping, and Zelda-esque graphics, it looks to steal your heart as it fills it's wallet. With the new release on mobile devices, does it make it more approachable, or do the mobile adaptations shove all the ugly bits out into the limelight? Ryan Johnson puts his two cents in (so long as they don't get stolen before you read them).

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Down Among the Dead Men Review

Lately, inkle has been putting out some quality "games" for mobile platforms, playing a digital edition of the oldschool Choose Your Own Adventure books. With the highly acclaimed Sorcery series and 80 Days under their belt, they take a shot at the swashbuckling high seas with Down Among the Dead Men. Is this matey worth the doubloons to have 'er be a crew hand on your ship, or should they be walking the plank? Click in for a review. 

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