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The Deadly Tower of Monsters Brings it's A-Game with B-Movie Charm

Ryan Johnson | The Gamer's Lounge

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a new Diablo-esque game set in a retro-60's space movie scene. Blatantly labeling itself as a DVD release of an old-school movie, the game uses chintzy stop-motion and wire animated monsters to humorous effect. But does the fun sheen cover a quality game, or is it as corny to play as it looks? Ryan Johnson at The Gamer's Lounge takes it for a spin and gives you his review. 

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The Magic Continues in Steve Jackson's Sorcery! 3 Review

Steve Jackson's classic book series heads to Chapter 3. Sorcery is a series of apps based on classic works by Steve Jackson in the vein of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, but with more choice and a definite RPG flair. The improvements in gameplay definitely warrant your attention, but is it too late to jump in for newcomers? Ryan Johnson at The Gamer's Lounge gives you the rundown. 

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Frenchy Bird Review - Wii U

Frenchy Bird: Flappy Bird in France. Is it a clone, or a tribute? As a budget title for the Wii U at a mere $1.99, it may be worth your while if you've ever been curious as to what the big deal was with Flappy Bird. It may even improve on the formula, making it something to actually boot up more than the one time. Read in for a full review. 

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Titan Attacks! the 3DS

Titan Attacks received a glowing review when it came through The Gamer's Lounge for the full Sony cross-buy situation. Now, it finds a home on the 3DS. Does the twitch gameplay and fast action make for a fun 3DS title? Ryan Johnson at The Gamer's Lounge found a few flaws in this version, but that's not to say it's without any merit. 

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Dying Light Review

Dying Light takes a genre--zombie apocalypse--and turns it on it's head. Much like the duality of the day/night cycle, the game manages to take a stagnant genre and inject it with new by simply harkening back to the old. By borrowing from several modern classics outside of it's own genre, Dying Light manages to bring together a fun game. While not without it's faults, Dying Light will have you feeling the classic terror of survival horror as you pray for sunup.

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Citizens of Earth Review

Citizens of Earth! The Vice President of the Earth needs your help! A quirky new RPG that honors classic gameplay tropes from games like Earthbound and Pokemon has just arisen. Instead of the stereotypical grizzled war heroes, you control a VP who doesn't want to get his hands dirty, so he enlists the general populace who use their own talents to take down evil. 

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Syberia Review (PS3)

Syberia is a decade-old PC point-and-click game that hit well on PC for it's engaging storyline. It has since spawned a second game in the series, and a third reportedly comes out next year. Potentially to increase knowledge of the series in time for the new release, Syberia has been ported to the PlayStation 3, giving a new user base a chance to experience this unique adventure.

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