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Score Rush Extended Review

Score Rush Extended comes to us in the vein of classic top down "bullet hell" type games, such as Jamestown, Geometry Wars, and Space Invaders. I was a little bummed to find that SRE only has two modes: Score Rush and Boss Rush. 

Score Rush is the classic arcade mode that pits you against wave after wave of enemies with their unending barrage of bullets. After enough time passes and you've cleared enough enemies, a boss or two will appear along side the standard ships. The game play is fast, ferocious, and extremely tight. There are power-ups that are occasionally left behind from defeated enemies, but they are no more than your standard fare.

Boss mode is just as you'd imagine. The game pits boss after boss after you with just a minute or two in-between for you to take a momentary breather and kill menial enemies for more power-ups. 

The game also includes a "duality" toggle from the main menu. Choices are either solo or dual. The only difference being dual mode attaches a second ship to your side so you have twice the fire power, but also twice the chances of getting hit since you are now double the size.

Score Rush Extended really shines in the music department, great guitar riffs, heavy base, and fantastic synth melodies add the tension and keep you moving at a brisk pace. Visuals are bright and crips, though they are someone simplistic. 

Despite the game's lack of modes, SRE's fast and frantic gameplay feels superb. In this genre, that is really what's important. The game lacks the modes to keep it from being more than just a time waster to fill the gaps between games or if have just a few spare minutes to hop into something, but you're sure to have a [pun intended] blast!

3.5 out of 5

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