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Kings Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb Review

Kings Quest released back on July 28th as an Episodic reboot to the old classic (of the same name) by Sierra. The series is known for their charming characters and humor as well as their classic adventure and evolution of the point and click genre. The concept is simple, yet hooks you for the long haul. You start as a somewhat rough around the edges, quirky, clumsy, mid-to-late teenager looking for an adventure and hoping to prove he has what it takes to become a knight. Each chapter is told from the perspective of the elderly version of the main character as he reminisces about his adventures with his granddaughter, Gwendolyn. 

Chapter 1 did a good job of staying true to those points, but the somewhat bland textures and wonky bugs left room for improvement. Chapter 2 moved the story forward a couple of years, but did little to actually add to the story beyond just a little bit of character development. The puzzles were quite obtuse and the 2 hour mini adventure did quite a poor job of pointing you in the right direction. Chapter 3 starts out immediately more engaging than chapter 2 by showing your character's age while he walks along the path to his new adventure, while incorporating a time based puzzle which requires you to alter objects in the past to achieve the correct outcome in the [current] present. 'Once Upon a Climb' clocks in at around two and half to three hours, but the interesting characters, fun story points, and more fast paced gameplay does a lot to fix almost every problem that chapter 2 presented. The textures have matured well over time glitches are now almost non existent. After the almost overly long chapter 1, and the laborious chapter 2, I had almost grown tired of Kings Quest, but chapter 3 has revitalized my enjoyment in the saga. It's going to be a long 6 month wait until chapter 4 arrives.

4 out of 5


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