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My Arcade NES Classic Edition Wireless Controller Review

When Nintendo first announced the NES Classic console people were very excited. For $60 they could get 30 classic games built right in to a small shell that looked like an original NES. What immediately became clear once people starting reviewing the system was the controllers were great build quality but the cable was extremely short. This is most likely because you must press the reset button on the console to get back to the main menu to pick another game. Still, most gamers do not want to sit 2 feet from their huge LCD TV’s to play games. Enter My Arcade, who has just a released wireless controller that not only works on the NES Classic but can connect to a Wii remote, making it possible to use on the Wii and Wii U system.

At first glance the controller looks cheap in the package. The button layout is the same as a original NES controller with the exception of the placement of the start and select buttons that are more at the top of the controller. For the most part this is ok, you just have to remember to move your thumb up a little higher if you want to do, say a super punch in Punch Out. The buttons and d-pad feel very good and are very responsive. The Controller is a little shorter and thicker than the original NES controller and has a divot in the back that your two ring fingers can rest on and helps with grip. Over all it feels good in your hands and is more sturdy then it appears in the package. The controller runs off two AAA batteries that give the controller 75 hours of life. The batteries don’t add much weight and really the controller over all is very light.

The best features of the controller is not only is it lag free even at 30 feet away, but if you press start and select at the same time it will take you back to the menu screen. Now you don’t have to get up to hit the reset button. What is also nice is the wireless adapter that plugs into the console is very low profile and is not noticeable like the 8bitdo Bluetooth adapter for the classic. Im sure this one is smaller because this controller uses RF. You can also plug the adapter into a Wii Mote and use the controller on Virtual Console games on the Wii and Wii U system which is a nice touch.

Over all the NES Wireless Controller is a great product. You can get the controller on Amazon for $14.99 which is very affordable since the Nintendo controllers are $10 (if you can find one) so if you want two you won’t break the bank. There is also a Gamepad Combo Kit that is $24.99 and includes a 10ft extension cable you can use with the NES Classic controller. The cable is high quality and works very well with the controller. There is even a wireless Gamepad Pro that has a home button, so you don’t have to hit start and select to get to the main menu, four buttons and two shoulder buttons. This one is perfect if you want to use it to play SNES games on the Wii U Virtual Console. If you are one of the lucky ones that owns a NES Classic console you owe it to yourself to buy the My Arcade Wireless Controller. It is a must own.  

5 out of 5

Thanks to My Arcade for sending a unit for review.


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