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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Episode 114: "The Nintendo Switch Reaction"

Pricing and launch date

Launch date March 3
Price $299.99
Online: Mulitplayer, mobile app, free trial and paid in the fall, no price.

Includes, console, 2 joy cons, grip, dock, hdmi, ac adapter. Can buy system with colored joy cons

Pro controller separate 

No region lock on Switch. 

Switch is a home console first
Tv mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode
Charge while playing
It is a touch screen and wifi
8 system can be connected locally

Controller info 

Controller has the NFC reader
Will be able to do screen capture
Has movement adapters
Colors will be available
Has straps that pronounce the left and right buttons
Has an if camera in it
Has HD rumble
Has a trigger button


Can be played without looking at the screen.

Two player fighter that is like boxing with extendable arms. Two joy cons are required per player. Will have online as well. Spring release

Splatoon 2
Can be played in any mode. Has internet play and multi system verses. New maps, weapons and more. Will be out summer and will have updates.

Super Mario Odyssey
This is a Mario sandbox game. Has a hat with eyes. Holiday 2017

Xenoblade 2

Fire Emblem Warriors

50 3rd party companies and 80 games in development 

Dragon quest 10 and 11 in Japan and Heros 1 and 2 from Square Enix

SMT from Atlus

Project octopath traveler

Sega plans on having many games on the system

Skyrim will be on switch 

Suda 51- No More Heroes sequel?

EA will have support of the system talked FIFA

Showed minecraft, Mario kart, nba 2k and more in the trailer

Zelda launches March 3rd

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