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Nintendo 64 Anthology Book Review

If you have followed us for a time, you have heard me talk about the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Collected Works I reviewed over two years ago and how it was a must own for any retro gamer out there. I see it as the Sega Genesis Bible and hold it as a water mark to all other retro gaming books out there. So when I received my copy of the N64 Anthology, I had high hopes. I have to say that Geek Line exceeded my expectations with this book. The version I received was the Collectors Edition, which is numbered and limited to 1000 copies. The hardcover book comes in a hand made, glossy coated, mat lamination, silver stamping slip case. The silver, red and black colors are stunning and right out of the box scream quality. The hardcover of the book is stunning as well, with the colors of the slipcase reversed. The 384 page book has gloss coated pages and the binding is sewn. This is a quality made book that is meant to impress before you even open it.

The book is written by Mathieu "Math" Manent who made this book the encyclopedia for the N64. It covers all 388 games made for the system worldwide and includes the box art for each game as well as canceled games. Each game has a brief description with screenshots and cover art from all regions. It also covers every accessory for the system and different system models and colors ever released.  course the book goes into the history of the system from concept to launch. It goes into great detail chronicling the system from start to finish. It also includes two interviews with Martin Hollis (Rare – GoldenEye) and Eric Caen (Titus – Superman). The pictures in the book pop off the page. The screenshots, box art and even the section with the adverts that ran in magnetizes at the time look wonderful. 

If you are a hardcore fan of the N64, this book is a must have. If you are a retro gamer who collects, you will also love this book. Packed with so much information and pictures, it is a perfect book to add to your collection. The collectors edition is available directly from Geek Line for $55.90 and the classic edition for $44.90. The classic edition is also available for order on Amazon. For the extra $10 I highly recommend the collectors but you will not be disappointed with either version you go with. This is hands down one of the best video game related books I have ever read and is worth every penny. This book is truly worthy to be call the Bible of the Nintendo 64. 

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