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Main Brain TV Review

*Main Brain has either been shut down by the FCC or they closed up before the FCC could take action. If you want to continue using your box as normal DO NOT RUN THE JUNE UPDATE. It will remove all Main Brain branding and revert it to a Kodi box. I will update when and if I hear more.*

A few years ago, when I was laid off from my job, we dropped Direct TV. The $120 a month bill wasn’t necessary when trying to save money. We cut the cord and never went back. We had an antenna that would work for local channels (most of the time) and we used Netflix and Hulu for everything else. One thing I did miss was the sports. We couldn’t watch much NFL, NHL or college sports. Living in a rural area, the antenna didn’t always work, so it was something we learned to live without. When Sony went nationwide with PlayStation Vue, we love the service. It was cheap and it offered live TV with on demand network shows. But a few months ago, an ad came across Facebook for a device called Main Brain TV. It promised live sports, latest TV shows, movies and more with no fees. I was skeptical and at $250 figured I was wasting my money. But after getting it in the house and trying it out for over a month, I can safely say that Main Brain TV is great and a must for cord cutters or people looking to save some money on their TV bill.

The device comes fully ready to go out of the box. All you do is connect it to the TV, power and internet and that’s it. The device looks like any other streaming box. The Main Brain TV unit runs a custom Linux entertainment operating system. The software is small and runs fast giving the unit speed when opening a program or livestream, on par with Fire TV. I know what must of you are going to say. I can do this running Kodi on a Fire Stick or other Android streaming device. Sure, but it does not run like it does on Main Brain because it takes up 90% of the memory of those devices. It also isn’t the easiest thing to set up. You must find the software, side load it to the device and then install all the plugins. With Main Brain TV you are getting a custom box designed for streaming with customer support and regular updates and live TV.

That’s right, live TV. Main Brain offers live TV from not just the US but from around the world. You can also catch on demand episodes of most TV shows within an hour after it aired. Something you can’t get with Hulu. The thing I love about Main Brain is the live sports. NHL, NFL it’s all there. Want to watch the Steelers game but live in Dallas? No problem every game is on every Sunday. A great example was December 24th, the Green Bay game was the game of the week on Fox. The local Fox channel here didn’t carry it. It was on at my house so the whole family came and watched it here. After, we could choose from whatever late game we wanted to. It was great and worked perfectly, with no fees, none. Want to watch a movie that isn’t streaming on Netflix? Go to movie and search and you will most likely find it on Main Brain. Here is another example, we love The Drew Carey Show. It isn’t streaming anywhere or really on any network. Go to TV, search and boom, there it is, all nine seasons.

I love owning a Main Brain TV. It works great, they have great customer support if you have questions or need help and are located in Atlanta, GA. The box is 4k, HD and 3D capable, updates automatically so you don’t have to worry about hunting for the latest plug in. But the biggest thing is 100% no hidden fees. All the live sports, movies and shows with no extra cost. Yes, the unit is $250 but if you want a year of NFL Sunday ticket that is $400 a year on top of whatever the monthly bill is. Even if you bought this for sports alone, it pays for itself before the season is over.  If you are a movie buff, then you can save the Redbox fees and watch just about any movie you want without leaving the couch. Main Brain TV is a top-quality product that is easy to use, easy to update and has great customer support. If you are a cord cutter, then Main Brain TV is a must. If you are thinking about cutting the cord, I highly recommend getting Main Brain TV. 

If you want to check out Main Brain TV yourself, then click this link. If you decide to buy one for yourself, then use the code THEGAMERSLOUNGE and get free shipping. It will also let the guys at Main Brain know you heard about them from us!

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