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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 20: "E3 2014: All About the Games"




E3 Press Conferences

Xbox Press Conference

Opened with new COD (DLC will be first on XB1) - Live game play on stage

Forza 5 - Free Nurburgring available now for free.

Forza Horizon 2 - full 1080p, no lobbies for online, open world, Sept 30th 

Evolve - 4 classes or be the monster -open beta this fall 

Assassins Creed Unity - New Assassin, play up to 4 player co-op -  live 4 co-op gameplay on stage

Dragon Age Inquisition - Oct 7th - Trailer only

Sunset Overdrive - Live on stage demo played - Oct 28th release date

Dead Rising 3 Arcade DLC - Cosplay as your favorite Capcom character. Available now

Fantasia Music Evolved 

Dance Central Spotlite - Digital only, only on XB1 Fall 

Fable Legends - Multiplayer Beta coming in the Fall - 4 player Gauntlet of Phantasy Star Online game. You can be the Villain that lays everything out on a map like Civilization. - Very different but could be cool. Beta sign ups now.

Project Spark - added Galaxies and Conker Available Now (I think)  

Ori and the Blind Forest -  XB1 Exclusive Looked really great, really want to play this game

Halo 5 - Trailer look really nice, halo games are always great.

Halo: Master Chief Collection - Nov 11th Xb1, includes 1,2,3,4. All one disk, you can make a playlist and play the best levels from all 4 games. Halo 2 will be fully remastered and has the original multiplayer. 100 multiplayer maps (All that was ever available for the original games), 1080p dedicated servers, 4000 gamerscore. Includes Halo Nightfall TV series and the beta for Halo 5. $60 price tag

Everything that was shown to this point in the presentation comes out this year.

2015 releases shown

Inside - From  Playdead games, makers of Limbo

Talked about ID@Xbox -The Indi self publishers program. Too many games shown to list, some looked great, others were interesting. (Lots of XB1 only games)

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Holiday 2015 

Witcher 3 - live gameplay on stage 

Phantom Dust - Only showed trailer (1st Party)

The Division - live on stage gameplay. Set in NYC Xmas

Scalebound - Trailer only - Looked good, Jurassic Park with Monsters (1st Party)

Crackdown  -  Trailer only - Cell shaded graphics on a whole new level. (1st Party)

Our Thoughts

John - It really was all about the games for Xbox. Not a ton of exclusives but enough to make me want a XB1 by next year. Crackdown, Sunset Overdrive, Halo collection. They said nothing about the Kinect or Gears of Wars.

Erik - Sunset Overdrive might make me want an Xbox One. No one cares about Project Spark

Nathanael - Games, games, games! Assassin’s Creed looked very impressive. Yay co-op!

EA Press Conference

Opens with Star Wars Dice behind the scenes video. Showed early in game engine footage. - Looked great, expecting great things.

Dragon Age was up first. Showed in game footage trailer featuring the great soundtrack. Had a pre recorded video of a dragon fight showing the difference between action and tactical gameplay. - Really hoped to see some real time gameplay. I thought the trailers look much better than the gameplay video they showed. Maybe it was made on an old version.

Mass Effect developer video. Showed concept footage and prototype images of new Mass Effect game..

They also showed concept pics of a new untitled IP.

The Sims 4 game - don't care, they had tons of fake screams at the announcement that it turned me off. Sept 2 release date

UFC - Comes out next week 

NHL 15 - Video only, no news on control or features. 

New Criterion Games IP. Its ATV's, boats, jet skies, helicopters all from FPS view. 

PGA Tour - Spring 2015 - Will use the Frostbite engine, no load times during holes. Has real courses and fantasy, like battlefield. 

Madden 15 - Aug 26th , upgraded defence....again. 

Dawngate - MOBA, dev video 

Mirror’s Edge - Showed Dev Video with concept videos. 

Fifa 15  coming fall - Talked controls, physics engine and more 

Battlefield Hardline - Beta up now on PC and PS4 - Showed lots of concept art and trailer. They say its like a crime drama rather than a hardcore shooter. Showed a 32 player online heist match. Lots of action and destruction. 

Our Thoughts

John - Overall I thought the show was underwhelming. Lots of concept video, no live gameplay of anything. Mirror's Edge and Star Wars really the only thing other than Dragon Age that I'm looking forward too. Really smart move to have the closed beta of Battlefield available at the end of the event.

Erik - Didn't watch it but I am interested in SW and maybe BF.

Nathanael - EA this year = concept teases and sports titles? The most interesting things was all the conceptual teases like Mass Effect, Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge, and the Criterion stuff. Battlefield Hardline does looks quite good though. Worst conference by far.

Ubisoft Press Conference

Opened with Far Cry 4 Cinematic - the first 5 mins, out Nov 4th 

Just Dance 2015 - Just Dance Now - It is a mobile app version that an unlimited amount of players can play. 

The Division - Showed the opening trailer for the game that sets up the story. 

The Crew - Showed a trailer. Open world racing through 4 cities. Crew battles, co op missions and more. Beta registration is open now. Nov 11 release. 

Assassins Creed Unity - Showed trailer, Oct 28th release date. Had live gameplay, was single player. Showed off open world gameplay with side missions. 

Shape up - Xbox exclusive, it pretty much a 2 player dance dance revolution game for kinect. You may have to dance, do push ups or other workout moves.Tells you how many calories you burned and steps you take.

Valiant Hearts The Great War - A game set in WWI, releases June 25th. 

Ended with Rainbow Six Siege - Showed pre-alpha 4 on 4 gameplay

Our Thoughts

John - Over all Rainbow Six and Assassins Creed made there PC stand out. Was nice to see a little real time gameplay.

Erik - Far Cry 4 looks fun. AC Unity looks like it might be worth it but will it be more of the same? The Division also looks cool

Nathanael - Great show! Everything looks very good. Valiant Hearts looks really cool.

Sony Press Conference

Opened with a trailer for Destiny. Sept 9, 2014 and the beta this July 17th on PS4. You can play the alpha this weekend if you own a PS4.

Announced a white PS4 that come with Destiny.

Next was The Order: 1886 gameplay trailer. Feb 2015 release 

Entwined was next. Live gameplay shown. Available now on PSN, Cross Buy 

Infamous: First Light shown. Stand alone DLC, if you own the Second Son you will get bonus content. Aug 2014 Release

Little Big Planet 3 live gameplay shown next. Adds new characters, more depth.

Bloodborne trailer was next. From the creator of Dark Souls. 2015 release. Exclusive

Far Cry 4  gameplay shown next. Like that you can play co-op even if you don't own the game on PS3 and PS4 only.

Dead Island 2 trailer shown. PS4 will have exclusive content

Last of Us enemies will appear in Diablo 3

Showed Battlefield Hardline gameplay trailer

Disney Infinity will have a exclusive collectors edition with content first on PS3/PS4

Destiny will have exclusive launch content on PS3/PS4

Magicka 2 will be on PS4 exclusively

Grim Fandango Remastered will be available for PS4 and Vita crossbuy. Exclusive

Montage of timed exclusive PS4 Indie Titles

Let it Die trailer was up next. PS4 exclusive

Abzu trailer was shown. From the creator of Journey.

No Man’s Sky shown next. Timed PS4 exclusive. - really looking forward to this one

Talked about Project Morpheus.

Shawn Layden Playstation CEO was up next

YouTube coming to PS4 soon. Will allow direct uploads to YouTube.

New Playroom sets coming this summer.

Next up was Free To Play games. Showed a trailer with many for Vita, PS4 and PS3

Playstation Now was up next. Open Beta will be out July 31st on PS4. Vita and PS3 shortly after that. As well as some Sony TV’s. No price announced.

Over 100 Vita titles in development now. Minecraft will be the full console experience with co-op.

Playstation TV was announced next. $99 or a $139 bundle. Available this fall. 

Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer shown.

Now they talk about original TV and Movies

Powers TV Series coming to PS4. Will be out in Dec, episode 1 is free. Season one free for PS+

Rachet and Clank the movie will be out in 2015. They are remastering the original game for PS4.

The Last of Us Remastered trailer shown. July 29th release 

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain trailer shown next.

Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer shown next. Footage was captured on PS4. Release fall of 2014. You can transfer GTA online from PS3 to PS4. Also will be on PC and XB1

Batman Arkham Knight was up next. Gameplay trailer shown. Exclusive Scarecrow missions for PS4.

Ended the show with Uncharted 4 trailer. 2015 release date 

Our Thoughts

John - Over all I thought it was a good showing. Would have like to seen more live gameplay rather than recorded. Jabs at EA and Microsoft got old. Really don't care about Movies or TV.

Erik - Long conference the free media stuff is interesting. I'm interested in Destiny, GTA V a little. Good support for Vita and how about that PS TV? Wheres my vita price drop?

Nathanael - Grim Fandango! Grim Fandango! GRIM FANDANGO!!!!!!!! Also, the scale of the city in Batman Arkham Knight looks amazing. No Man’s Sky still looks gorgeous.

Nintendo Event

Opened with Super Smash Bros. They were fighting with MiiFighters and then used a Mario figure, called amiibo, set it on the gamepad and it was tagged into the game. This will be the first game to use the figures. They also showed Smash Bros for the 3DS.  3DS Oct 3. WiiU “Holiday 2014”

Next they gave more details on the amiibo figures. You will be able to use the Wii gamepad with toy figurines that will unlock features on the WiiU. Data it saved to the figure, just like Skylanders/Disney. Several games will use them in future updates, such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros WiiU. 

Next they showed Yoshi’s Wooly World. 2015 release date. 

Next was a trailer for Captain Toads Treasure Tracker for WiiU - Holiday 2014 release

Zelda was up next. No title given. They showed what the world looks like, how it was open and free roam with random enemies. 2015 release. 

New Pokemon trailer shown next for the 3DS. Nov 21, 2014 release date

Bayonetta 2 up next. Trailer shown, includes the original Bayonetta. Oct 2014 release date. - Looks over the top as ever, including the first is an added bonus

Hyrule Warriors shown next. Plays like Dynasty Warriors with Zelda characters, lots of playable characters. Sept 26, 2014 release - Looked really fun, would buy it for sure.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse trailer shown next. 2D platformer. 2015 release

Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer shown next. 2015 release - Love it

Mario Maker WiiU announced. You can make classic 8 bit or 3D style levels. 2015 release. - Looked fun as crap, hopefully you can share levels with friends.

Splatoon trailer shown next. Its a 4 vs 4 online multiplayer action game. 2015 release - looks interesting

Announcements after Nintendo Direct presentation

Star Fox for the WiiU announced for 2015 as well.

Devil’s Third coming exclusively for WiiU.

Our Thoughts

John - Looks like this year and next the Nintendo could move some systems. Really looking forward to some of the games next year. May have to pick up a system.

Erik -  Didn't watch it but I read about Zelda and that with Bayonetta 2 may make me pick up a Wii U. What will be the system sellers for Wii U in 2014/2015?

Nathanael - Took Nintendo long enough to start putting things out, but a ton of it looks interesting.

Anything Else?

Overall thoughts of what was shown

John - I’m not going to says if anyone won E3. I think us as gamers are the winners. Microsoft and Nintendo renewed their commitment to putting games first. Sony showed that too but I felt there TV, movie and hardware talk really broke up their show. Also if I think if you are going to talk about games and doing a live press conference there should be more live gameplay. If not then maybe everyone should take Nintendo's pre recorded route. Lots less awkward moments that way. Not talk of PS3 or 360

Erik - Gamers win! Where was Fallout 4?

Nathanael - Everyone showed a lot of games this year, including Nintendo. The only weak showing was EA, but even they had some interesting things. My biggest takeaway is that I may just want to get a WiiU now. A lot of the other games I am interested in will be coming to PC. Secret winner of E3 2014: bright colors!

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