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R-Type Dimensions (PS3) Review

R-Type is one of my favorite arcade games. I have never been very good at it but I still love to play it. R-Type Dimensions was originally released over five years ago on the Xbox 360 and it combines both R-Type one and two and it also adds some really cool features that have been carried over to the PS3 version.

First off this game is a HD collections of the two great arcade classics with redone music and 3D graphics. But maybe the coolest feature is that with the push of the R1 button you can switch to the old 2D graphics and music. This is really a super cool feature that shows how much of an upgrade to the graphics and music there has been. There is even a camera setting called crazy that shifts the screen in a angle that gives the level more depth. The graphic are really bright and shiney and the music is pumping and switching back and forth from 3D to 2D shows how much work was put into the graphics and sound.

There are a two game modes, classic arcade where you have three lives, infinite mode where you have unlimited lives. The game is as hard I as remember it in the arcade and I died very quickly on classic but I had just as much fun in infinite mode playing through both games and unlocking the level select. There is also couch co-op and online co-op as well as leaderboards for you to challenge your friends to. This adds tons of replayability.

Over all I found the game to be a lot of fun and it really captures that arcade feel of the original games. Being one who enjoys SHMUPS even though I am not very good at them, I feel this version really keeps the feel of the arcade and this is a game that I can pick up and play anytime I want to relive the arcades of old.

5 out of 5

R-Type Dimensions is available on PS3 ($9.99) and Xbox Live ($14.99) now and is published by Tozai Games.

I would like to thank the publisher for supplying a copy for review

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