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The Last Tinker: City of Colors (PC) Review

When I first got the email about this game I didn't know what to expect. It looked a little strange, but that doesn't mean anything anymore with games. What I found is a bright, colorful and fun platformer that feels like they took LittleBigPlanet, Banjo Kazooie and Psychonauts and balled them all together and made a really great game.

The story goes the red, green and blue citizens of Colortown who once lived in harmony have now started to fall apart. Some have moved from the positive side of the spectrum to the negative side and now distrust each other. Now a dark force called the Bleakness has moved in and is draining all the color out of Colortown. You play as Koru, a monkey-boy who is a Tinker, the last of his kind, that can control all three colors powers. You job it to fight the Bleakness and restore color to your city.


Right off the bat you notice that the levels are full of color and pop of the screen in 1080p. Everything is made of paper and cardboard and it has a bright pastel and neon color coating. The game has a very unique style and feel of an old school platformer with puzzles, punching things and the ability to purchase upgrades from time to time using collect crystals along the way. Overall the game is simple enough to enjoy with little frustration on normal. Controls are straightforward and simple as well like holding the right trigger down to skip for platform to platform. You can use a mouse and keyboard to play but this game was made for a controller and this makes it a much more accessible game. 

The music is another highlight of the game filled with folk guitars. It really sets the overall mood for the game and never really get old. You can even buy a version of the game that includes the soundtrack on Steam. I think The Last Tinker is definitely worth a playthrough. It is refreshing to see a game that is not all doom and gloom, dark and lacking of life. This game is challenging enough for the seasoned gamer to enjoy as well as the younger gamer in the house who just want to play a game to have a great time. 

4 out of 5

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors is available now on Steam ($19.99) and is developed by Mimimi Productions and published by Unity Games.

Thanks to the publishers for supplying a copy for review.

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