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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 16: "Teddy Bear Bazooka"



What are you playing?

John - ASM2 (PS4), LA Noire (PS3)

Erik ­- BroForce

Nathanael ­- Dead Space 3, Skyrim, Battlefield 4, Minecraft (Wynncraft MMORPG server)


Red Dead Finally Coming to PC?

50 EA Games Losing Online Play

Sony's E3 Press Conference Has a Time and Date

New Unreal Tournament Game Will Be Free

Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Revealed

ESO on Next Gen Delayed 6 Months

EA to Have 6 New Projects at E3

Nintendo Announces Another Loss and Low WiiU Sales

Nintendo Reveals Figurine Platform for WiiU & 3DS

Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 3 coming May 13

Anything Else?

Question From Twitter!

BryanJ: @keoki1213: @GL_Podcast hey guys, great podcast! Loving the fun twist you guys bring to gaming news. What's your fav. All time console?

John - Dreamcast

Erik - PC/Dreamcast/PS2

Nathanael - Gamecube & XBox 360...and also PC

PAX Swag and Flaming Toast Decal giveaway reminder

Erik’s Garage Sale finds\GS trade ins

Operation Supply Drop 8 Bit Salute (80% Funded!)



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