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PlayStation 4: Four Months In


Those of you who have followed us here from GoozerNation know the debacle I personally had with the PS4 launch. Just to catch up those that don't know, I preordered my PS4 from Amazon five minutes after the E3 announcement and received it on November 15th only to find it not working out of the box. Then it was a week before I had a new one back from Sony and was able to play it on the 22nd. That being said it in no way will affect my feelings about the system or its games.

I have to say I am pleased with the overall performance of the console. It boots up pretty fast, games install quickly from disk based games and the HDD was easy to swap out and install a new one. As far as the interface I do like the What's new tab where you can see what your friend have been playing, stream and the trophies they have unlocked. I really don't like having all the games I have played/installed just in a row left to right. The only way to shuffle one to the front is to play it or if there is an update recently installed it will bump to the front of the line. I would like to see a folder option or maybe a sort by. I also like the standby function, which mine is always in, because I Can log on to the PSN store on my computer, buy a game and have it download to the PS4 so when I get ready to play all I have to do is turn the system on and the game is installed and ready to go. I really wish there was a suspend feature like on the Vita where I can put the system in standby then come back later and jump right in where I left off with no loading. Speaking of the Vita, remote is one of the best features of the system. I love setting in the living room catching up on TV with the wife while playing the PS4 on my Vita. This was the real selling point for me for both the PS4 and the Vita. 

There are small things that I really don't care about the system. For one, there is no pop up to let you know when a friend has come online or sends a message. This is a important feature that I don't understand why it isn't a default thing at this point. Also for someone who doesn't have  a camera right now the light bar on the controller is nothing more than a battery drain. With no way of turning it off or dimming it is more of an annoyance than anything at this point. I really enjoy live streaming and recording gameplay but with no way to upload to youtube or archive on Twitch you are reduced to uploading the video to facebook and ripping it off the site with 3rd party software. This is an unnecessary step and now that Xbox One has Twitch support that allows for archiving Sony has some catching up to do.

Software lineup has been ok but there hasn't really been anything "Next Gen" that I can't get on PS3 other than Killzone and Rezogun.  With Infamous coming this month it is great to have a "PS4" only game worth playing. Not that I haven't enjoyed what I have played on the PS4 but I could have had just the same fun with Assassin's Creed or Lego Marvel on the PS3. The games that will be out this fall and holiday will be the real test of what next gen systems can pull off and I cant wait! 


John and I have similar PS4 experiences. I had a broken console that kept overheating. I returned it to Best Buy and bought one from Gamestop but now that one refuses to output video most of the time when its turned on. This console will be going back as well and Sony is replacing it.

Despite my personal hiccups with the systems I have had a great time so far. The games I have played such as Rezogun and AC IV are good games. By biggest concern right now is that there are no must haves games for the PS4 right now. Most of the games are multiplatform releases. I do like the free stuff on PS+ and I love the streaming on the Vita. There is plenty to play in the way of downloadables and other games but the retail releases are a little lacking. I am sure the rest of the year will pick up and gamers will see more AAA titles come to the PS4.

The Room is a fun utility to play with and if you have the Playstation Camera I can see the benefits.  The live streams are a nice added feature. Like John mentioned it is pretty easy to swap out the hard drive and this is a great benefit to gamers. Not having to pay $100 plus for a proprietary drive means more of us will be spending money on games and other accessories for the PS4. The controller is easy to use and feels comfortable but John has a point the battery does drain due to the touch pad and the lights. The PS3 struggled a little bit in its first year as well and I see the PS4 picking up steam as the year moves forward. I am excited for Galak-z, SteamWorld Dig, and inFamous Second Son.


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