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Assault Android Cactus Review

It’s not often that I get to sit down and write a review of a game that truly impresses me from the get go, however, with Assault Android Cactus I get to do just that.

Assault Android Cactus is an arcade-style twin stick shooter, due to be released on PC September 23, 2015 with a console release expected early 2016. Created by Witch Beam, an Australian based Indie Development team, they set out to create something memorable and boy did they deliver.

When the game begins you take control of an android called Cactus who has responded to a distress call on an abandoned ship. You are taken through a short tutorial which explains the game mechanics and the control system and then you are let loose.

The gameplay itself is extremely intense as swarms of the robotic enemies attack you from the start. As you kill enemies, you collect the nuts that are dropped, powering up your weapons, providing you with a variety of different effects, from upgraded damage to a wider spread, ultimately making it easier for you to hold back the horde!

Along with leveling up your weapon, there are a variety of different pickups that you can collect that have different effects, from providing you with extra fire power to freezing the enemies in place. In some situations these pickups can literally save your life and are a welcome sight.

To stop you finding a way to camp out the maps, there is a battery at the top of the screen which slowly depletes as you play the level. You must kill enemies and collect the batteries that are dropped in order to recharge the battery and continue your fight. I felt this to be a very welcome addition, as I know how easy it is to fall back on an easier way of completing a level. Forcing the player to move around and collect is a great way to combat camping.

You navigate a map of the ship in order to select which level you want to play, each divided into different zones. The game has a variety of dynamic levels, each with a completely different feel than the last, forcing you to mix up your strategy as the environment evolves. Games like this can feel repetitive, so it’s encouraging to see the developer really trying to give each level a unique feel. You must fight through a variety of zones, each one in a different area of the ship and each zone's final stage being a boss. Each of the bosses have a variety of different battle mechanics that can really catch you off guard if you aren’t paying attention!

With an all-female cast of playable characters called androids, each boasting their own unique primary and secondary weapon combinations, you must fight through hordes of robotic enemies. Initially, there are four playable characters, however, when you beat each zone, you unlock a new character up until you have a total of 9.

The only real downside to this game is the lack of online multiplayer. Witch Beam has said that unfortunately it is out of their capabilities right now, however if possible in the future, they will look to add it in. There is local multiplayer available, however I do feel that the experience as a whole would be great to share with a friend online.

Game mode wise, you don’t just have to play through the story. You can play through extra modes which will keep you killing for a while to come. These include an endless mode where you must take your favorite android and attempt to literally survive as long as you physically can as the enemies become progressively harder and a daily mode where you get one chance per day to put a big score on the leader boards to show your gaming prowess.

Assault Android Cactus is an action packed, intense title that really pushes you to your limits. It is a game which you can literally spend hours on destroying the countless enemies in front of you as you compete to get the best score possible. The game seeps quality from its pores. If you like old school arcade titles, this is a must have!

Score:5 out of 5

Thanks to the publisher for supplying a code for review

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