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Evolution of a Gamer Episode 2: Evolution of a Father (Classic EoG)

Rebooting his 2010 Evolution of a Gamer series for a new crew of readers at the Gamer's Lounge, Ryan pulls up the second in his archive of articles where he teaches his son about gaming, and learns something about life in the process. Here, Ryan learns a valuable lesson in trust when his son figures out how to save data on his DS.

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Evolution of a Gamer: Episode 1 (Classic EoG)

Back when I wrote for a site that is no longer with us, I wrote this series, Evolution of a Gamer. With the site now defunct, it has disappeared from the internet. This was one of my favorite series of articles to write, where I teach my kids about video games and learn a little bit about real life myself in the process. I've decided to resurrect the series, because I've still had plenty of life lessons with my kids, but want new readers to be able to catch up. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting the previous articles to get you up to speed. Without further ado, here's Episode 1, from way back in 2010! We'll catch up soon. 

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Will the Squids: Odyssey 3DS Release Help Nintendo?

Squids: Odyssey came out for the Wii U a few weeks ago, and I was fortunate enough to review it. Now, The Game Bakers have offered me the chance to see the 3DS edition as well. In Europe, gamers who picked up the 3DS edition can get the Wii U version free, but this offer has not extended out of that territory. Gamers in other nations at the moment need to choose, but which one should you pick up?

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One VERY SPECIFIC Way to Share a Nintendo Digital Title Between Systems

Nintendo holds it's digital rights extremely tight in this modern age of digital gaming. Changing systems requires a full wipe of the previous system, and usually a brand new system to transfer to. However, one specific loophole has been found. While it may not fit your particular situation, this is a handy bit of information that could help you in future purchase decisions.

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The String Arcade: Classic Gaming Scores, Reimagined for Charity

The String Arcade released on February 11th, and offers gamers a chance to see a new take on some of their favorite games' soundtracks. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, The String Arcade is looking to capture the heartstrings of the gaming public via the strings of a violin. Pulling from almost every era of video gaming, you will hear Galaga, Zelda, Ecco, Sonic, Minecraft, and others, arranged for a string quartet. 

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