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Interview with Emeric Thoa at The Game Bakers for Squids: Odyssey

Ryan Johnson at The Gamers Lounge was able to drop some questions to Emeric Thoa with The Game Bakers regarding their first console release: Squids Odyssey. Coming exclusively to Nintendo consoles, the game looks to bring new players up to date on the backstory while offering something new and exciting to those already following along. So, without further ado...

1) I've been following the SQUIDS games since they were on iPhone, having Wild West be one of the first things I reviewed for a website. This appears to be a trilogy of sorts, with the first two games making up the start and a third, new campaign. How will this be presented? Will you get to choose between the three games, or is it one long campaign?

> Actually it's not exactly a trilogy. The last chapter is not a full campaign, it's an additional chapter that kind of "starts" the next adventure of the Squids, but what we have in mind for the third episode and conclusion of the trilogy is much more ambitious. Squids Odyssey is more like a gold edition of Squids 1 + 2 with bonus content. The presentation is one long campaign: you start with the first and have to do all the story missions to go through the 8 chapters (but bonus missions can be skipped though). 

2) Was there any difficulty porting onto a full console release? Anything in particular you were excited to do with the increased horsepower?

> There were a lot of challenges. The biggest was probably adapting all the UI. It's always hugely time consuming. The optimization for 3DS was another challenge. The horsepower of the WiiU was not as exciting to me as the controls: designing the game for the game pad is really the coolest new thing in Squids Odyssey. Dashing and controlling your Squids with the stick while launched brings an new taste to the game's tactic. 

3) Will we be seeing any more of your games come to the eShop? Do you have plans to port to any other systems?

> We'd love to see Squids everywhere. The Vita makes a lot of sense and we are thinking about it, although we didn't start yet. We love the eshop and the 3DS, so if things go well with Squids we will for sure think of making more games for Nintendo consoles! I have a few in mind that would be a perfect fit!

4) How is it different working with phone gaming developers versus the full console? Which do you prefer?

> The controls and the design are very different. Squids was thought from scratch as a game for touch & gamepads, but the game design itself was more of a console game: longer play sessions, combination of story, skill and tactics... You don't really play a game of Squids between 2 subway stations or in the bathroom, you actually turn on the console to spend 30-60 minutes in Squids, complete 3-4 missions, level up a bit... Being myself a console gamer since they exist, I'm probably closer to console game design, although I love the accessibility and simplicity allowed by mobile phone touch controls.

5) Can you tell us anything about your next project?

> We are working on it and we'll be able to show some things in the upcoming months, but what I can say at the moment is that it's going to be a console game about Duels. You'll fight formidable opponents in one vs. one battles, in a quest for your freedom. Basically, the game is all bossfights, and only bossfights!

Many thanks to Emeric for taking the time to answer my questions. Be on the lookout for a review as the game nears release!

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