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Back to Bits Podcast Episode 10: "We Are Back"

New finds and pickups!

John - Game Gear games, a few SNES and Genesis games, Retrotink2x and HD retrovision Cables

Danny - Magnavox Odyssey 2,

Saturn games- Clockwork Knight, Astal, Cotton 2!


The Mega SG Announced

Genesis Bluetooth Adapter Coming This Month

New SNES Everdrive Coming

Main Topic

Roms and Emulation

Nintendo has come down hard on Rom hosting sites as of late. Emuparadise took all its roms down this week ahead of coming trouble after 18 years.

Are Roms a bad thing? Do they hurt companies? Do companies like Nintendo bring it upon themselves by making classic games hard to find?

Will this drive retro game prices up? Reports from stores and trade sites show collectors are getting out of collecting. Driving down market value.


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