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Back to Bits Podcast Episode 8: "Rare Gem Videos Are Not The Problem"

New finds and pickups! 

John - Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Capt America, Saturn lot, Sega Sports Dreamcast

Danny - Ogre Battle, LoZ Skyward Sword, Legend of Dragoon, House


Atari VCS Raises $2.2m on Indiegogo

Tommy Tallarico to Bring Back Intellivision

NES Classic Edition Back June 29th

Main Topic

Does Hidden Gem Videos Raise Game Prices and is it Time for a Official Price Guide

  • Metal Jesus has caught heat because people claim his hidden gem videos cause spikes in game prices. This video is shows that is really doesnt.

  • Is it time to have a Overstreet or Blue Book Price Guide?


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