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Back to Bits Podcast Episode 6: "Favorite Game Series"

New finds and pickups! (If Anything, if not we skip)

John - Megaman X (SNES), The Guardian Legend (NES), Gradius (NES), Large Genesis Lot, Large Master System Lot

Danny - Udraw full set for the Wii, Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid Prime Hunters, Samus Returns (finished my Metroid collection)


Retro Fighters N64 Controller Comes out With One Issue

Voultar, Famed Modder, Releasing Universal Capture Interface Soon

Krikzz Opens Up Orders on Master EverDrive X7

Main Topic

What is your favorite game series (PS2 and below)

John - Phantasy Star (Master System, Genesis)

Danny - Mega Man (NES specifically)

What series should make a return

John - Shinobi

Danny - Mother (Earthbound)

With Toys R Us Closing, Any Memories of Shopping There?


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