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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Episode 141: "My Legs Don't Work"

What are you playing?

Nathanael - Mass Effect Andromeda (PS4), Doki Doki Literature Club (PC), Quantum Break (PC), Shadow of the Colossus (PS4), Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (PC)

John - I Am Setsuna (NS), Mercenary Kings (NS), Rayman Legends (NS), Skyrim (NS), Earth Wars (NS), Monster Hunter Worlds (PS4)

Matt - Overwatch (PC), Elder Scrolls Online (PC), theHunter: Call of the Wild (PC), No Man’s Sky (PC); looking at the new Railway Empire game on PC

Erik -  Wulverblade (PS4), GTA V (PS4), Immortal Redneck (PS4), Golf Story (Switch), DC games (Dead or Alive, Tony Hawk 2, Powerstone 2, Hydro Thunder, Virtua Tennis, Soul Calibur, Vigilante 8 2nd Offense, Crazy Taxi 2, NBA Showtime)


Xbox Game Pass Will Include First Party Games Day One

Paragon to Shut Down in April

Sega to Publish New Game from Quantic Dream Alumni

Switch Online Service to Launch in Sept

Red Dead 2 Coming in Oct

Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 Details Leaked

Rumor: Namco Bandai Working on Metroid 4

DontNod’s Vampyr Releases June 5th

Using Nintendo Gold Points for Switch Games Coming Soon

Mario Kart Tour Coming to Mobile

Anything Else

Rumor have been going around that Microsoft has considered buying EA, Valve or Pubg. If EA or Valve was bought what do we think this would really do for Microsoft?



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