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Back to Bits Podcast Episode 5: "New Retro and SNES Classics"


New finds and pickups! (If Anything, if not we skip)

John - Turtles in Time, Super Turrican (SNES), Abadox, Kirby’s Adventure, Willow, Arkistas Ring, Magic of Scheherazade

Danny - Sega CD model 1 console. BC racers (SCD), Neutopia (tg16)


Retro-Bit Makes a retro Splash at CES 2018

Hyperkin Shows Ultra Game Boy at CES

Underrated Games Series

This Week Underrated Games for the SNES


Batman Returns

Jim Lee’s WildCATS


The Shadow (Unreleased)


Sky Blazer

Dragon View

Goof Troop


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