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Back to Bits Podcast Episode 2: "Emulation, Flashcarts, and Repro Carts"

New finds and pickups!

John - 32 Genesis Games Some in Boxes for $60, Lot of Six Games (3 Gen, 2 N64 1 Colo) $25, Erik send me a Game Gear and 7 Games Free

Danny - Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII, PSP 3000 + Component Cable

Emulation, Flashcarts, Reproduction Carts, Translation Carts and it's impacted on collecting


Several options, PC, Raspberry Pi, Cell Phone programs


EverDrive vs the Chinese “Knockoffs”

Repro and Translations Carts

John Riggs has made a name for do it yourself repro carts. Do repro carts pose a threat to the collecting market to those that dont know what to look for?

Are translation carts a good thing. Using the Retron 5 or Emulation is a cheaper alternative.


Are these things truly bad or do they maybe help the retro community?


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