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Back to Bits Podcast Episode 3: "State of the Retro Market"

New finds and pickups! (If Anything, if not we skip)

John - 16 Genesis games for $30, Wireless Controllers for Genesis

Danny - Handful of Atari 2600 games and some NES controllers for $20


Quick talk about SNES Mini and Atari Box

State of the Retro Market

Is retro game collecting slowing down?

John - In some regions maybe but overall no

Danny - absolutely not, you’re seeing more and more new collectors on the scene, especially as older folks buy games from their youth and their now young adult kids get interested and start collecting

Has NES game prices leveled off?

John - Some say that NES collectors have moved on/completed sets and prices have dropped

Danny - I sure hope so, but it doesnt seem like it...

Is Sega game collecting on the rise?

John - Genesis games have risen in price. Have NES collectors moved to SEGA?

Danny - I’ve opened more up to Sega over the years, I feel there’s definitely a market there and we may see prices go up as more people get interest - also lateral move for people completing NES/SNES collections.

How do YouTube videos affect game prices?

John - Maybe a small spike but I think it would be hard to tell

Danny - Really depends on how popular the Youtuber is, but coverage can definitely raise prices of less popular/lesser known titles especially

How can you figure out the value of your video game related items?

John - I use Price Charting but there are others

Danny - Price Charting/Ebay sold listings of similar condition [condition matters]

The price of imports and why they vary?

John - Most of the time it has to do with sales in Japan.

Danny - Often times I find the price is directly reflective on how playable the game is for non-japanese reading folks



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