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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Episode 104: "Rumors, Facts and Old Stuff"

What are you playing?

Nathanael - Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PC), Dark Souls (PC), No Man’s Sky (PC)

Robert - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (PSX)

Erik -  Far Cry Primal (PS4), Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PS4)

John - Madden 17 (XB1), Game Gear, PC Engine


PS4 Slim Leaked

New PS4 Controller With Extra Light Bar?

Price Hike for PS+

PlayStation Now on PC and a USB Wireless Adapter

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Coming to GWG in Sept

What We Know (or May Know) About the NX

Anything Else


Nathanael - Minecraft, Half-Life 2, LoZ: Wind Waker, Witcher 3, Super Smash Bros Melee, Thief: The Dark Project, Dark Souls

Erik -  Jedi Knight, Baldur's Gate, Diablo II, Resident Evil 4, Witcher 3, Deus Ex, Half-Life 2

John - Batman Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2, Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star 4, Revenge of Shinobi, Shenmue 2, Shenmue

Robert - Amplitude (PS2), Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2), Onimusha (PS2), Super Mario Bros (NES), Pokemon Silver (GBC), Devil May Cry (PS2), Sonic 3 (Genesis)



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