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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Episode 99: "Almost Triple Digits"

What are you playing?

Nathanael - Dreamfall Chapters (PC), Talos Principle (PC), Remember Me (PC), Dark Souls (PC), Rocket League (PC), Overwatch (PC)

Robert - Technomancer (PS4), Bloodborn (PS4), Amplitude (PS4), PlayStation VR (PS4), Pokemon Y (3DS)

Erik -  Witcher 3 Blood and Wine (PS4), Metal Slug Anthology (Wii), Splatterhouse (PS3), Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3)

John - Forza 6 (XB1), Rise of the Tomb Raider (XB1), The Division (XB1), Sega CD “Shtuff(s)”

Questions From Listeners:

Bob B

How do your favorite retro games compare to your favorite modern games?


If you could erase the memory of your favorite game, just so you could play it all over again like it was the first time, would you?

David Son
I am seeing more and more crossover games more often in Japan than the US. Would we see any of those titles to migrate over to the US and if not what could we do as consumers to help persuade that to happen? Games such as Super Robot Wars/Taisen.

Ryan Picklesimer
I would love to hear your thoughts on beloved games from our childhoods that are being "rebooted" such as Mighty No. 9 and Yooka-Laylee.

Anthony C. Nwankwo
I would love to hear your thoughts on Capcom especially after the lackluster launch of Street Fighter V. Will Capcom ever reach it's past heights in the video game industry. (Mega Man, Resident Evil, etc.)

I think it would be interesting to talk about the differences between first-person shooters of the N64 era and current ones. What did the old ones do right? How have current ones improved or declined since? (For me, local co-op and multiplayer in games like Goldeneye was something that brought together all my friends and was the highlight of all of our hangouts. The current focus on online multiplayer over local seems much more impersonal and loses some of that magic I remember. I think it's a reflection on how our society is now: everybody does everything online and spends a lot of time interacting through mobile internet-enabled devices rather than in person.)

Darkia Thresara
Could you talk about No Man's Sky? What are your opinions on the game? It's been delayed quite a bit, but there's quite a bit of hype for it. Do you think it'll blow everyone's minds away, or will it fail?

Brando DH
My question is related to the remake of FFVII, pick one 64 game to be remake (not remaster) into the next console; and one PS1 classic to be remake into the PS4 Console. Exclusive titles from the respective companies. Example: Pokemon Snap Remake.

I would love to hear you all talk about Dead by Daylight.

I would personally love to hear you guys talk about game delays. Why do you think certain games are delayed and which delayed games are you excited for? (No Man's Sky, Mighty No. 9, etc.)

I would like to hear you talk about VR and/or the future of gaming.

Nathan Hays
Talk about crowdfunding for video games, or how Steam is full of terrible RPG Maker games now.

Omar Marquez
You should talk about the reason for multiplayer on shooter games and decline of multiplayer RPG. Will RPG ever see a rise in local co-op or multiplayer on consoles?

What are some of your favorite game genres and why? Do you have a bias for games targeted at a demographic (Japan vs U.S.A)?



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