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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Episode 93: "It's Not the Size of the List"

What are you playing?


Nathanael - Rocket League (PC), Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (PC)

Robert - Nioh Demo (PS4)

Erik -  Kirby Triple Trouble (3DS), Puzzles and Dragon (3DS), Walking Dead Road to Survival (Android), Walking Dead Michonne (PC), Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition (PS4)


Uncharted 4 Games Stolen in the UK

Twitch VREAL World’s First VR Streaming Platform

Nintendo NX Coming March 2017

Zelda Will be an NX Launch Title, Delayed on Wii U, Will be Only Nintendo Game Shown at E3

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Will be Next on Mobile for Nintendo

Nintendo to Sell Majority Ownership of Mariners

Sony Ships 40 Million PS4’s PSN Has More Revenue Than All Nintendo

Sony Unsure if There Will be a PS5

Anything Else

Questions from Twitter

Dave Craig  AKA  @dcraig814

Vive and oculus are out. Are you more OR less convinced in VR's ability to change the game?

What are you favorite games of Q1? How many of these games will end up in your GOTY lists?

What are your fav. Gaming related podcasts?

Time to talk Ep 100 stuff Erik



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