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Joetsu Electronics L2-R2 Grips for the PlayStation Vita 1000 Review

From the moment you take the grips out of the package, you can feel that they are really well made. The form factor feels good in any size hand. The L2-R2 button placement feels natural and is very comfortable. The button action is very responsive and if I didn’t know that it was touching the back screen I would think they are button built into the system. One thing that sets these grips apart from the 2000 version is the flip open face cover for the front. This adds total protection to the housing of the Vita while still allowing everything to be accessible.

There really isn’t more I can say about the grips. The work perfect, look great, feel great and I use them all the time. They make remote play much easier and even playing PSOne classics feel more natural rather than using your fingers on the rear touchpad. I have been using the PDP grip for the Vita for years now and the Joetsu Electronics grips make them feel like a cheap piece of plastic. These are a must buy for any Vita owner.

Score 5 out of 5

You can get your own at Play Asia. (When they have them in stock)

Thanks to the manufacturer for supplying a copy for review.

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