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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 78: "Good in the Beginning; Terrible in the End"




What are you playing?


Robert - Halo 5 (Xbox One)


Erik -  Divinity Original Sin (PS4), Fallout 4 (PS4)


Nathanael - Rocket League (PC), Minecraft (PC), Fallout 4 (PC) **Barely




5.6 Million People Watched Bob Ross on Twitch


XB1 Backwards Compatibility List


Black Ops Make $550 Million in 3 Days (Can Fallout Beat That?)


Blizzcon Round-up


The Witcher Movie Coming 2017


UFC 2 Announced For Spring 2016


Shooter Fans are Switching to PS4


Fallout 4 PC players have logged a lot of hours


Fallout 4 Ships 12 Million Copies


Fallout 4 Has Issues on PS4 and XB1



Anything Else


Let's poll the audience. Favorite CoD or Assassins Creed game? Anyone participate in Extra Life?







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