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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 31: "Shooting at a Cave"


What are you playing?

John - Destiny (PS4), Disney Infinity Marvel (PS4)

Nathanael - New job!, Minecraft, Tomb Raider (2013)

Robert - Destiny (PS4) (iPhone 6 Plus: does this count?)


Blizzard Cancels Titan After 7 Years of Development

New Oculus Rift “Crescent Bay” Prototype Revealed

Playstation TV WIll Have 700 Games at Launch

Sony to Stream TV to PS4

Assassins Creed DLC and Season Pass Announced

Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition Announced (It’s not Infinity John!)

Destiny Breaks Records of PS4

Wired Xbox One Controller for PC Announced

Bloodborne’s Western Release Date Announced

Final Fantasy Type 0 to Include FF 15 Demo

(FF 15 55% done, link includes trailer)

Anything Else?

Question’s from Twitter

@mjwilliams55  asks:

I'm excited for FF15. But do you think it has a chance at revitalizing the dying jrpg market in both America and Japan?



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