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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Retro Edition Ep 3: "Have You Heard of Retroscribe?"


Any retro games we have played?

John - My entire collection tested on the RetroN 5

Erik -  Super Mario World

The RetroN 5: Our Thoughts


Pro’s: Works great, looks and sounds great, firmware updates are nice, save to SD a plus, classic controller ports are perfect.

Con’s: Cheaply made, pins are very tight at first, controller is good but should have a D-pad


Pro’s: Great way to play all carts easy way to test all games I pick up at garage sales. Saving to SD is great lots of sound and graphic options

Con’s:  I agree with John carts are way too snug. Controller could use a dpad. Some games don't work (EA games/repo carts)

Retroscribe Game Retail Service

Our Thoughts and interview with owner Bill Hecklick

What Are Repro Carts? Are They OK and Where Find Them

Repro Carts are unreleased games or import games that are translated and never released outside of Japan. You can find them at retro gaming conventions.

Anything else?

Going to Power Up Retro Video Game Convention in Huntington, WV Aug 2

Saturn Flashcart in development

This Months Finds.


Iron Man (GBA)

The Karate Kid (NES)

Dragon Warriors 2 and 3 (Famicom)

Pilotwings (SNES)

NHL 94 (Genesis)

Dick Tracy (Genesis)

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (Xbox)


Sega Smash Pack vol 2 (PC)

Capcom Classics Collection vol 2 sealed (PS2)

Beavis and Butthead (Genesis)


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