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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Retro Edition Ep 1: "Lets Talk Retro"


What listeners can look forward to in this show.

- New show once a month (maybe twice a month)

- Shows about collecting, shows dedicated to specific retro consoles, repair, cleaning and maintenance. 

-What about emulation? Can we talk about that?

Talk about any retro games we are playing.

John - Choplifter (MS)

Erik - Nothing much. I would love to play the HD version of Resident Evil 3 and 4..or go back and play Twisted Metal 2

Main topic

News: ET Landfill opened up!

First gaming console and/or exposure to video games.

Erik-PC games! Classic early 90s! FPS/RPGs/Action games Friends had a NES/Sega Genesis. I didn't own a console until the DC

John-Arcades were my first exposure, brother had an Atari 2600, my first console was an Magnavox Odyssey² that my Mom bought with Green Stamps. I still have it in the original box!

What retro consoles we currently own.

Erik-Dreamcast, PS2 (for ps1 games). Wii(GC stuff)

John- Magnavox Odyssey², Sega Genesis (Model 1 and 3), have a Power Base Converter for Master System games, NES, SNES, Game Gear (have the Master System Converter for this as well), Sega Nomad, Sega Saturn, 2 Sega Dreamcasts (Both Black Sport Editions), Gameboy Advance and SP (Black Japan Model), (If we count these as retro, N64, PSOne (with LCD), original Xbox (Halo Edition). I use a Wii for GameCube and 60gb PS3 for PS2)

Feelings on the rumored Retron5 price increase and Amazon not receiving any launch consoles.

-Kinda stinks for those who didn't pre-order. Does this mean I'll have to wait to mid summer?

Where do you normally get your retro games?

Ebay? Trading sites? Garage sales? - Craigslist


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