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RetroN 5 News Out of The Midwest Gaming Classic

At the Midwest Gaming Classic today Hyperkin announced that the RetroN5 will be in players hands in the next 30 days....guaranteed. They gave a few reason for the long delay, along with trying to obtain 100% cartridge compatibility there are new features including instantaneous load of games along with the ability to have custom profiles and many more. One thing that I thought was most interesting is the ability to pull saved games off of the cartridge and save it to an SD card as well as upload saves from the SD to the cartridge. No more losing your saved games due to the battery going bad.  

This great news for all of us who have been waiting to get the console in our hands. They also had an announcement of a new product, the RetroN x86. This is a Linux based system that is designed for classic MS DOS games. Is will have full HDMI output at 1080p and will be designed as a computer in the keyboard, like the Commodore 64, with Bluetooth, 512 RAM, SD card slot, Wifi, 2 USB Ports and more with a target price of $99. 

One thing to watch for is at 8:56 the presenter displays a slide the says "Unannounced N64 Project Slide. More info at E3 2014." He quickly goes past it...ooops. Looks like there is going to be a huge E3 announcement about N64.  

Check out the video below for the entire presentation on Video Game Rescue YouTube page. Be sure to like the video on Video Game Rescue YouTube page and check out their site for more from MGC.

Big thanks to the guys at VGR for letting us include their video. 

UPDATE: Here is an one on one interview VGR has posted as well.

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