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The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 37: "Black Friday Madness"


What are you playing?

John - Destiny (PS4), Assassins Creed: Unity (PS4)

Nathanael - Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (PC), Jazzpunk (PC), Shadowrun Returns (PC), OlliOlli (PC), Risk of Rain (PC), Minecraft (PC)

Erik - Metro Redux (PS4), Alan Wake (PC)


Big Announcements at BlizzCon

Blizzards Canceled MMO Became Overwatch (2nd Link is the trailer, 3rd is gameplay)

Just Cause 3 Announced For PC, PS4, Xbox One

Bloodborne Delayed Until March 2015

President Obama Endorses Net Neutrality


Target Black Friday Ad

XB1 $330 (Assassins Creed Bundle) + $50 gift card

360 4gb with Kinect $180

50% or more off games. (Madden, Evil Within, Shadows of Mordor and more shown)

Gaming Accessories $40 (Controllers, Headsets shown)

Skylanders/Disney Infinity figures $10

Walmart Black Friday Ad

XB1 $330 (Halo Collection Bundle) + $30 gift card (from 6pm to 7pm Thurs1 Hour Guarantee)

Starts at 6pm Thurs

360 4gb $99

PS4 Last of Us /GTA5 bundle $399 +$50 gift card

50% off 3 Month Live Cards

Over 30 titles $20, over 40 titles $25 and over 30 titles $30

Skylanders/Disney Infinity figures $9

Best Buy

5pm to 1am Thurs Doorbusters (all deal available online all day)

XB1 w/Kinect (Assassins Creed Bundle) $430 with free extra controller

$19.99 Select Titles, $29.99 select titles

27th to 29th

XB1 (Assassins Creed Bundle) $330

PS4 (Last of Us/GTA 5 Bundle) $399

32gb Wii U w/Mario, Nintendoland, SSB and Donkey Kong $359.97

Select titles for $8, $15, $25, $30

Controllers $40



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