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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) Review


I had played Tomb Raider a year ago on the Xbox 360, so when it was announced that the game was getting released on the PS4/XB1 with a visual overhaul I really wasn't too interested in playing it again. But not having a lot of games to play on my PS4 I thought why not pick it up and see if the game really looks that much better and you know what? It does.

Now if you have played the game in its original release then you know what to expect, a great story and lots of fast paced action. None of that has changed including the multiplayer, sadly. The Definitive Edition not only includes the graphic update but all of the DLC for the game including an extra secret tomb. The one thing that has been added is the ability to use voice commands (if you have a camera). You can say things like “show map” or a name of a weapon to equip it which really doesn’t change anything for the game but if you like those features it is nice to have. One thing that really annoyed me was the fact that every time I found a journal entry it not only was the narrator’s voice coming out of the TV but also the speaker in the PS4 controller. I really didn’t see the reason for it but it can be turned off.

The graphic update on the game is stunning. I thought it look great before but on the PS4 in 1080p and at 60fps it is jaw dropping. Now I know you are saying “but the PC version”, I have not played the PC version but I would like to just to see the difference. The environment look much lusher and the shadowing is much better, even her hair and dirt/mud effects look great. Also just like I found in AC4 the visual range is so much better, you can just see so far with no fog hiding things.

If you are a Next-Gen console owner and have never played Tomb Raider then you need to pick this game up for a play through. If you have played it and have no desire to spend 15 hours playing it again I would at least recommend renting it just to see the visual update. I didn’t think I would enjoy playing through the game again as much as I have but the great story and updated visuals I am having just as much fun as the first time. If Tomb Raider Definitive Edition does anything it should make you excited to see what kind of visuals we can start expecting out of games in the next year on the Next-Gen consoles.

4 out of 5

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