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Archangel (iOS) Review


When I first saw previews for Archangel my mind thought, great another Diablo inspired game. But once I started playing the game I realized that it may look Diablo at heart it is in fact an easy and fun dungeon crawler that is very easy and fun to play.

From the very start I am really impressed with how great the graphics look on the iPad. The environment looks great, lots of brick and stone, banner flow in the wind and it gives a since that you are not just playing this on a tablet or phone. There were a few time the camera made it hard to see what was going on ahead but for the most part it wasn’t a problem. The controls are pretty much straight forward. Tap the screen where you want to walk to, tap the enemy and you will throw a fireball or whatever you may have upgraded it to later in the game. There are gestures that will open up as you get deeper in the game like shield bash just to mix things up a little.

The pacing of the game is slow. The first few levels seemed to be the same thing without much difference other than the layout of the map. Getting deeper in enemies would get bigger and harder but the environment, as good as it looks, really never changed. The layout of the dungeon would but after a while I got tired of seeing the same thing over and over. The one great thing about the game is the ability to resurrect enemies I killed to become my own little army that I could control. Get a bigger and tougher enemy you can set your army in to take the brunt of the damage while standing back and rain down on him from afar. There is loot that you can pick up on the way and change not only the stats of your character but changes the look as well.

Overall I liked the game. If you are looking dungeon crawler with a deep story then this game isn’t for you. But if you are a dungeon crawler fan and you want an easy to pick up and play game with a ton of levels and over 100 items to collect then this game is for you.

4 out of 5

+ Easy to play

+ Huge number of levels

-  Takes a while to really get going in the game

Developed by Unity Games and is available on iOS and Android stores for $1.99

Thanks to Unity Games for supplying a copy for review.

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