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Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 Review

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Walking Dead Season 1 was an amazing game. Gamers felt as if they were connected to the story and the characters. This means Telltale has big shoes to fill for Season 2. What could Telltale do to top the last season? The Gamers Lounge has played the 1st episode and there is only one word to describe it. Great. Telltale has started another masterpiece for gamers to enjoy.

Gamers are back in the shoes of Clementine and the first episode is titled All that Remains. Without spoiling too much for the last season, things don’t look good for the young heroine and within the first 30 minutes they go from being bad to worse. Once again Telltale games takes off the gloves and delivers a few gut punches. How will Clementine survive? What happened to some of the other people in the first season?

The gameplay and controls feels natural as in the first season. Gamers are treated to Clementine making her own decisions. She is acting a little more grown up and not afraid to try to make her way in the world. She seems capable of handling herself in combat There are a lot of questions. Will there be decisions like Lee had to make? Will gamers be forced to pick who lives and who dies? Will she meet up with a  group?

Well Telltale games, in the two hours I played, I enjoyed the 1st episode of the 2nd season. So far it feels as if the formula for the Walking Dead has been improved upon. The game seems to be smoother. But as I mentioned before there is not much that needs to be done to improve the series. The narrative, sound effects, story, and graphics are just like the first season. I cannot wait to see where the series goes. Keep up the good work Telltale games. Season 2 is coming to Ouya and its already on iOS, Vita, PSN, XBLA, and PC. There is no reason for gamers not to play it and if you haven't played  Season 1 yet, you need to pick it up. 

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